A service you will not find anywhere else

What makes us unique: our commitment to service excellence.

We offer a complete and integrated service to all of our clients. We support you throughout the entire process—before, during and after we manufacture your parts.

Our approach resides on being reliable: proximity, flexibility, speed, transparency and dedication. At OSI, we don’t just produce parts. We serve people who have projects that we truly care about.

Giving clients our 110%

We are your dedicated team of experts that is available at all times. You can always rely on us to solve any unexpected challenge you may have.

And we go the extra mile! By working with OSI, you will benefit from competitive prices and delivery times. You gain peace of mind knowing that every member of our team respects the confidentiality of your projects. We are acutely aware at how important keeping your projects under wraps is essential to your objectives in today’s competitive landscape.

What if our experts face an issue during the manufacturing process? What if your parts can be produced more quickly? With OSI, we’ll always be honest and transparent with you. You have the right to know what is going on with your project—at all times. That is the OSI way.

It is not surprising that we have developed long-standing relationships with many clients; they come back to us time and again for all of their machining needs.

Our commitment to perfection

In today’s hypercompetitive market, which demands quality and speed, our expert machinists have instilled standards of excellence to ensure that clients get the exact parts they need, when they need them.

From the manufacturing process that is based on continuous improvement to the delivery of the final product, our machinists are committed to quality parts and quality service. They take the time to understand your needs and respond to them quickly and ingeniously. Their most impressive strength? They have the ability to adapt to the highest standards of any industry. They remain attuned to your precise requirements, no matter how complex they are. Our machinists’ attention to detail is stellar: they manufacture your parts with surgical precision.

For a perfect finished product, ready to be used, contact OSI!